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Hiteta makes it easy and fast to help you land the job you’re looking for. Simply specify your skills, pass the test, and we’ll make sure the right opportunities will come looking for you.

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You’re good at one of these skills?Let us find the right companies who need it

So how does Hiteta work for talents?

Apply by answering a set of questions and tell us what you are really good at.

Apply by answering a set of questions and tell us what you are really good at.

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What happens after the talents join the company?

Work as usual

Talents are now part of your team and will work according to the scope you determine in order to achieve the company’s goals.


Hiteta will have routine check-ins with both company and talents to ask about satisfaction and manage expecatations for both sides.


Talents are also required to report to not only the company but also to Hiteta regarding the overall workload, tasks, and scope.

How you want to engage is your choice


  • Minimum of 8 hours daily
  • Not engaged with any company or full time project


  • Minimum of 30 hours weekly
  • Able to to be contacted during work hours


  • Invite only basis
  • Short term with clear goals and scope upfront

What talents have said about Hiteta

Amirul Hadi Wibowo
Hanafie Hilman
Dhimas Putra Pangestu
Amirul Hadi Wibowo

Despite having a fast-growing culture and career path at Tokopedia, I still wanted to explore and experience other industries in my spare time. Thankfully, Hiteta connected me to a good opportunity!

Amirul Hadi Wibowo

Product Manager at Tokopedia

Connected Opportunity

Part-time Product Manager at Hestia App

Hanafie Hilman

I first came across Hiteta from LinkedIn and was curious on how it could help me land a part-time job. Surprisingly, as soon as I we discussed, I landed my first opportunity through Hiteta in less than a week.

Hanafie Hilman

Project Manager at Accelbyte

Connected Opportunity

Project Manager at Investly

Dhimas Putra Pangestu

Hiteta really helped me pull through some difficult phases where I needed some extra income streams. I introduced myself to Hiteta, explained my skills and availability and then they gave me bunch of opportunities to choose from.

Dhimas Putra Pangestu

Flutter Developer at Bank Negara Indonesia (BNI)

Connected Opportunity

Flutter Developer at Kita Keluarga Indonesia

How we keep our talents quality great

Technical interview

Talents will have an interview session with the Hiteta team for early technical knowledge validation and testing.

Qualification test

Talents are then required to answer a set of questions prepared by experts within a specified deadline.

Expert reviews

Talents profile and test results will be collectively checked by experts and reviewed before the final decision is made.

Out of 10 applicants, we rejected 9. Can you be the other 1?

Why talents and job seekers love us

100% flexible and remote

Become your own boss by working anywhere and anytime you want, 100% remote with no micromanaging.

Fair market-price compensation

Market rate salary with no hidden catch or fees. The amount promised is what you will get.

All-star team

Have access to join a community of highly-skilled talents to learn, share, and grow together.

Why talents and job seekers love us

Achieve all of these things when you let Hiteta find work for you

Seek for a better and more promising career path in a great company.

Being able to redefine how you work by becoming the boss of your own schedule.

Finally have the additional time to work on other projects or gigs you've been eyeing on.

Never again applying for many jobs but getting no results or response at all.

Getting paid the right amount and having them being received on time.

Never again invited to countless interviews but received no offer letters.


Talents ready to work


Projects delivered


Placements made

Trusted by startups & fast-growing companies

ArsitagFITCOInvestlyKita KeluargaSwingVexaniumWidaTechremoter
ArsitagFITCOInvestlyKita KeluargaSwingVexaniumWidaTechremoter
ArsitagFITCOInvestlyKita KeluargaSwingVexaniumWidaTechremoter

When they need you

"I need an IoT engineer for a year who can build an end-to-end sensor reporting system and who can ship/maintain in production. Our stack is in C. Need them to own the project end to end and architect the entire system. Must have prior experience deploying robust system at scale. Some experience with AI would be nice."

Can you do it?

Find new opportunities

Find new opportunities

Tell us about your skills and availability, and we’ll find the right job opporunities for you.

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